Bain Ultra Balneo NAOS 7240 Freestanding Bathtub | BBNUOFPOT-01

9,100.00 CAD 6,100.00 CAD

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The name Balneo evokes the art of bathing.
For BainUltra, a bath is an important ritual, part of a lifestyle that encourages you to slow down and take time for yourself.
Naos 7240 pedestal air jet tub can accommodate 2 bathers.
The new Geysair warm air jet system envelops the bather in a feeling of warmth and well being. Much like the hot water sprouting from a Geyser, the streams of air produced by our unique Geysair technology, help maintain a consistently warm water temperature. You’ll relax more and benefit from a prolonged massage, making your treatment more effective. A longer, more comfortable bath delivers increased therapeutic benefits.